5 Common Mistakes Movers Make – And How to Avoid Them

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When you are planning a move, whether it is short-distance or long-distance, it is important to have all the essential tools to ensure your move is as successful as possible. Many people end up jumping the gun and not going through the process thoroughly enough. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you. Here are the most common mistakes movers make and how you can avoid them:

Hiring a bad Los Angeles moving company

You may be tempted to hire the cheapest movers in Los Angeles, California in order to save money on your move. However, if the company does not have a lot of experience, this can result in your furniture and other important items getting damaged. You will ultimately have to spend even more money repairing or replacing them. Examine online reviews of moving companies carefully. While nobody can please everyone, steer clear of companies that have too many average or negative reviews.

2. Being unprepared with the proper questions for the moving company

You will need to ask questions not only regarding your move but about the company you are thinking of hiring, as well. You will need to interview all of the Los Angeles moving companies you are considering as if you were a recruiter interviewing prospective employees. Here are a few of them:

  • “How long has your company been in business?”
  • “Is your company licensed?”
  • “What sort of equipment do you use?”
  • “What kind of liability coverage do you offer?”
  • “What do you do if you in the case of a damaged or misplaced item?”
  • “Can you provide me with any references?”

3. Procrastinating on packing

It goes without saying if you wait too long to pack up your things for the move then you will be highly unprepared when the big day rolls around. This, however, does not stop some people from doing just this. Time management is simply not everyone’s strength. If this is the case with you, allow someone else to help you plan ahead of time.

4. Not getting moving insurance

Just like how it is necessary to buy travel insurance when you are taking a trip, you need to be prepared in the case that something actually does go wrong, whether it be due to the mover’s fault or any random event that may occur.

5. Not purging the things you don’t need

Most people have more things than they realize. Go through all of your things and truly determine what is necessary for you to bring to your new home or workspace. Throw unnecessary trash or recyclables out. Hold a garage sale or give appliances that are still usable but that are no longer required away.

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