These Celebrities Are Fans of Beekeeping, Too!

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Beekeeping is a hobby open to anyone and everyone, not only farmers and other manual laborers. It is a very relaxing activity, popular with people from many walks of life, including the wealthy and well-known. Perhaps to your surprise, a lot of well-known movie celebrities take pleasure in beekeeping. Others grew so absorbed in the hobby that they thought the work was just as essential as the projects that made them famous, while some of them found it to be a pleasant diversion from their life in the spotlight. So who loves beekeeping as much as everyone on our bee and wasp removal team?


Morgan Freeman

Ah, yes. The closest thing to God in human form. Freeman established a 26-hive bee sanctuary on his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi in 2014. He grew clover, lavender, and magnolia trees for the bees. When he works with them, he prefers not to wear gloves to be “one with the bees,” even though he doesn’t do much beekeeping himself—his gardener handles that duty.

Martha Stewart

Martha has been beekeeping for five decades now. She has also written blog posts about her beekeeping adventures over the years.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson connected while filming because they both had a passion for bees. Environmentalist Johansson raised concern about colony collapse disorder, a recent global catastrophe in which hives had been destroyed when most worker bees vanished. When Johansson wed actor Ryan Reynolds, Jackson, already a beekeeper, decided to give her beehives as a wedding gift. Johansson’s marriage ended, but she is still a dedicated beekeeper.


When all of his bees perished, the lead singer of Madness gave up beekeeping as a pastime. In his own London, he continues to back the quickly spreading urban beekeeping movement. Bez of Happy Mondays is another single-monikered beekeeping rock star who finds it to be a fulfilling hobby. Sadly, Sting, a former lead singer for the band Police, does not keep bees. However, he supports and promotes sustainable beekeeping globally as the patron of the Bees for Development Trust.

Martha Kearney

At her home in rural Suffolk, the host of Radio 4’s The World at One and BBC2’s Newsnight is an enthusiastic amateur beekeeper. On numerous TV shows, she has exhibited her love of bees. Former Springwatch presenter Kate Humble and fellow journalist Bill Turnbull are two more TV hosts who have transitioned to beekeeping. When Kearney received a hive as a wedding gift, she became fascinated with bees; her husband, Chris, calls himself “the reluctant beekeeper.”

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