Tips on How to Keep your Printer and Copier in Good Condition

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A printer copier is one of the most used equipment in the office. Hence, it should be kept in good condition to avoid a halt in the daily work routine. The better treatment that you give to your unit, the more quality output it can give. There are simple preventive maintenance practices that can prevent the undesired breakdown of printer and copier machines. Here are tips and tricks that can help you to make the most out of your unit before opting for printer and copier repair in Los Angeles.

Regular Cleaning

One of the best things to keep your printer and copier working is to clean it regularly. You can do this by lightly wiping the exterior of your copier and printer as well as the bypass and exit trays. It is advisable to use a non-abrasive cloth together with a specialized glass cleaner when performing your cleaning routine.

Spraying cleaning solutions to the glass of the machine is not recommended since these liquids can damage it. When you encounter a paper jam, make sure to check that all parts of the paper were removed totally. These small pieces of documents can also damage your unit if left inside. Remove all the dirt that fell in the path of paper to prevent your machine from being damaged.

Crappy Paper

Most of the time, people tend to put papers until the brim of the tray. However, the amount of paper loading differs for each printer/copier. It is better to note the level line indicated in your machine. Reload your paper until this line, and avoid putting it beyond this point. It is also not good to fan your stacked paper from one corner. This practice could put on different weights on each side of the paper stack. The difference in weight can alter the number of sheets that can be placed in a tray. 

It is also recommended to use organized, dry, and clean paper for your machine. Paper with bends or rips can create a jam which can result in poor quality prints. Humidity should be kept at bay since this can make papers curl and ripple. Recycled paper and paper with low quality creates more dust which can harm your copier. It is wise always to use quality paper as this can lengthen the life of your machine, and you can avoid costly copier and printer repair in Los Angeles.

Scheduled Maintenance

To reduce your work downtime due to a damaged copier/printer, it is a good habit to schedule regular maintenance. This scheduled maintenance should only be done by qualified copier and printer repair and maintenance professionals. They can determine the possible problems of your copier machine which you might not have noticed before. The frequency of doing such services depends on the amount of work that the machine does in a given period. You should consult the frequency of these services with your copier and printer repair and maintenance provider in Los Angeles. Doing this practice is the most effective way of prolonging the life of your copier.


Though you can perform these tips and practices on your own, it is still important to note that the service of local copier and printer repair service experts should be sought to ensure the quality performance of your unit. Observing these practices can also address some issues and concerns that may arise from time to time. However, should these tricks no longer work for your machine, the service of a printer and copier repair in Los Angeles might be what you need.

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