How to Make a Breakfast Nook with Contemporary Dining Sets

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Create the Perfect Breakfast Nook with Contemporary Dining Sets

Brighten up your mornings by adding a snug breakfast nook to your kitchen! Whether it’s a simple side-table setup where you can sip a hot cup of coffee in peace or an alcove to read a novel while having some toast, this simple addition can turn any kitchen into a comfy haven. With a few simple steps using contemporary dining sets, you can cook up your own breakfast nook in no time at all.

What is a breakfast nook?

A breakfast nook is a small area that’s often situated in or near the kitchen. In general, it’s enclosed on three sides and can seat anywhere from two to six people.

While a breakfast nook is not ideal as an exclusive dining area for large families, it works as an excellent supplement to formal dining areas. It’s also an excellent dining space alternative for smaller homes. 

Ideal Places for a Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are typically located in the kitchen, but the exact spot is up to you. Here are some placement ideas:

Window Seat

Window seats are one of the most natural spaces to create a breakfast nook. They have plenty of sunshine, convenient space to park a table and chairs, and a beautiful view of outside. 

Empty Corners

Don’t worry if you don’t have a window seat —reserve an empty corner in your kitchen instead. Look up “modern furniture store in Los Angeles” and shop for low mid-century shelving and contemporary benches to differentiate the area from the rest of the room.

Butler’s Pantry

If your home is big enough to have this room, you’ve already got a great spot on your hands. This classic extension to the kitchen lends privacy to any breakfast nook.

A Whole Wall

Be smart with your space by using an unused wall for a long breakfast nook! You’ll be able to seat more loved ones without cluttering up your place. 

4 Simple Steps to Design a Breakfast Nook

Once you’ve settled on a spot for your breakfast nook, it’s time to get to work. Follow these steps using pieces from contemporary dining sets:

Determine the right size for your table.

Choose a table that leaves at least 36 inches from all edges of the nook. This clearance will allow you to comfortably push chairs in and out. If your contemporary dining table options are too big, consider tall entry tables or side tables instead.

Get creative with seating.

Comfortable dining chairs are essential to every nook, so select dining sets with cushioned ones for maximum comfort. If you have enough space or require more seats, you can use mismatched accent chairs for visual interest. Contemporary benches are also excellent for a more practical choice.

Hang statement lighting.

To denote the space from the rest of the kitchen and create a warm ambiance, don’t forget to hang some statement of pendant lights over the nook. You can also use wall lamps and other soft lighting sources to set the mood.

Play with pillows.

Finally, complete your new sanctuary by piling throw pillows onto the chairs. Add thick blankets for those cold days and cover the floor with a thick carpet to increase your haven’s coziness.

Enhance Your Home with Contemporary Furniture in LA

From breakfast nooks and living rooms to bedrooms and office furniture in Los Angeles, you can find what you need to complete your dream home designs.

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