The Most Common Things That Can Go Wrong With Printers

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The guys performing printer repair near Los Angeles confidently explain that no matter where you are in the world, at every office, the most used machine is a copier. Besides being the most operated device, they can be the most frustrating machines people use. 

Although the company providing copier repair near Los Angeles confirms that they are an essential tool for getting daily tasks done at the office, that doesn’t mean they always work at the most desirable efficiency and never jam up. Sometimes there are ink and paper problems, and service malfunctions have to be dealt with.

Cal Tech Copier, the printer repair company near  Los Angeles, has come up with the most common issues people have with copiers on a daily basis.

Paper Jams

Typically, copiers show this problem, and this was always an issue ever since copiers were first invented. It appears that no one can get rid of issues that the original inventors have left behind. Paper jams signify that the papers have been jammed in the machinery of the copier, and there has to be removal or a reset of the machine to set things up again. These may happen because of the wrong type of paper being used the stacking of too many pages in the supply line, and these things can be inflated by frustrated people attempting to pull the papers out of the machine.

If you can’t solve the problem yourself, it is best to call the printer repair company near Los Angeles to get the problem fixed. 

Ink Guzzlers

Copiers can use too much ink at one time so you may find yourself needing printer supplies and replacing cartridges a few days at a time. Copiers use up ink the fastest out of any type of printing and copying machines available in the office. You can always ask your employees to be mindful, but they may just do things as they usually do and not know how to reduce them. You can use slightly less dark ink to print your documents and print on draft or low quality for files that you will not use for a presentation. Doing the above can lower ink expenses. 


Photocopiers can be placed in an air-conditioned space and be regularly serviced, but that doesn’t mean they won’t overheat. The copier’s bulbs, the gear, the drawers, and the fans are all parts that may overheat if you use the copier too much. Keep a lookout at the LED panel for warnings to guarantee that the copier doesn’t overheat to the point that it begins to malfunction or even break down. 

Puzzling Codes

Many companies use different acronyms to signify different types of work, and your copier does the same. Copiers report issues with their LED panels, but these are in code, and they won’t always be immediately recognized by whoever is using them. A few of them are a breeze to understand, such as low ink and paper jam. However, others may not be so clear such as those that appear in strings of numerals and alphabets and so on. 

It is always a good idea to get in touch with a printer repair service company near you like Cal Tech Copier to find out what is wrong with the copier or if there is a warning with the copier or maybe even a warning on the LED panel that you can’t quite figure out. 

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