Modern Outdoor Furniture Styling Tips

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3 Designer-Approved Modern Outdoor Furniture Styling Tips

Small homes have risen in popularity as of late, and this means having smaller patios instead of flowing lawns or huge wrap-around porches. Don’t let the limited square footage hold you back from creating a beautiful space for outdoor living! All it takes is the right modern outdoor furniture and some style magic to transform an open balcony into a private getaway.

1. Define the Purpose of Your Patio

Here’s a secret: once you know the purpose of your patio, the work is already halfway done! A bigger space can be multipurpose, but small patios require more focus. 

Small patios can effectively support two activities at most. Would you like a personal retreat, or are you excited to host intimate dinners outdoors? Will the patio function as a play area instead? 

Once you know the purpose of your outdoor space, it’s time to pick out furniture.

2. Select and Arrange Outdoor Furniture with Care

As you start looking for modern furniture in Los Angeles, consider the scale and size of your balcony. Stay away from furnishings that are overstuffed or too big since they can quickly overwhelm the space.

Instead, look for pieces with simple lines, no arms, and low backs. Instead of a sectional, use benches to add additional seating. Other furniture buying tips are:

Choose double-duty furniture. 

Ideally, the furniture should have more than one job. For instance, ottomans can function as seating, cocktail table, or storage. Keep an eye out for furniture that can be stacked or folded when not in use.

Add furniture that blends with the space.

Consider metal chairs, glass/acrylic tables, and stone stools. Visually, these furnishings allow the eye to see through them and create the illusion of space, making them perfect for smaller patios.

Consider the flow of traffic.

The size of your furniture is also dependent on the flow of traffic. Don’t buy pieces that will block entry and exit points. If your balcony has no walls or landscaping, you can use furniture like benches to guide traffic flow around and in your patio.

3. Less is More

What works inside the home can work outside as well. Keep décor items to a minimum to avoid clutter. Some style rules to follow:

Keep it light

Light colors complemented by diffused, natural light will open up any space. Brighten up the night by adding some string lights or lamps. Use dark colors as accents and go neutral for furnishings.

Use print

Artworks and sculptures are an excellent way to beautify your outdoor space. Careful not to go overboard — a larger print will work better than lots of smaller ones, and try to mix textures and patterns to add interest.

Crafted and Curated Modern Furniture

You can find some of the best contemporary home décor that LA has to offer. Feel free to visit any showroom, or browse extensive collections online for inspiration. Start shopping for outdoor furniture in the comfort of your home!

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