Shopping Guide for Modern Outdoor Furniture

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There are three major elements to getting the right modern outdoor furniture: lifestyle, budget, and aesthetics. You want your furniture to complement the way you live, stay attractive while standing up to the elements, and do all these without breaking the bank. For a perfect balance of these three, follow five simple guidelines when buying modern outdoor furniture.

5 Shopping Tips for Outdoor Furniture

Buying outdoor furniture is not as easy as pointing to a picture of your dream outdoor space and following it to a tee. Every home is unique, so think hard about the kind of experience you want from your porch, deck, or backyard. Here are great rules to keep in mind:

Buy furniture that reflects the look and architecture of your indoor space.

There should be harmony between the inside and outside of your home. Don’t treat your patio like a separate part of the house. Once you’re done designing the area, it should have a personality of its own while staying true to the overall design of your home.

So if you have a contemporary home, modern furniture in Los Angeles complement it well. Does your house look like a charming English cottage? Going with outdoor furniture that reflects this rustic style is a good idea.

Invest in high-quality pieces.

When it comes to furniture, you usually get what you pay for. Cheaper outdoor furniture may look amazing while they’re new, but they don’t wear as well as top-quality modern furniture in Los Angeles.

You’re better off buying the most high-quality outdoor pieces you can find. Not only will they look beautiful for years to come, but their excellent construction will ensure that you’ll get the most for your money as well.

Look for weather-resistant cushions.

Making a cozy backyard retreat means having comfy pillows and blankets to lounge on, but they need to be able to handle outside conditions. For pillows and cushions, look for ones made of polyurethane foam because this material allows water to flow through. Make sure they are also protected with solution-dyed acrylic fabrics which are resistant to UV rays, moisture, and mildew.

Buy furniture covers.

Well-built outdoor furniture may be tough, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need proper protection. To keep your outdoor furniture safe when the weather turns, don’t forget to buy furniture covers especially when your garage or basement doesn’t have extra room for storage.

Be smart about materials.

Three main materials are typically used for outdoor furniture: synthetics, wood, and metal. Each has its advantages. For instance, synthetics like all-weather wicker can be more inexpensive than metal or wood, can stay outdoors under any weather, and are very low maintenance. Wood is tough, resilient, and beautiful. Metal is elegant and has lightweight selections. Whatever material you do decide to buy, always test it out to determine if it’s a comfortable fit.

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